BIM/VDC modelling,

traditional 2d Detailing

Process automation

A307 Digital is your partner in design, modelling, and process implementation!

advanced 3d modelling, drawings and machine data for STRUCTURAL STEEL, CONCRETE/rebar, i.c.i. and misc. projects

EVERY project requireS A CUSTOMISED solution. whether it’s small manufactured products or at-scale industrial and high-rise; we have the right solution for your project

Misc. Stair Platform and Grating

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specialists in modern construction

Structural design and detailing often requires advanced BIM/VDC solutions which is what we at A307 Digital specialise in. Every project has different requirements though. With over 20 years of experience we will spec out the most cost-efficient solution for your project. We are as excited to deploy traditional 2D CAD diagrams as we are to engage in as-built, machine fabricated, data-rich deliverables.

Bid Stage Estimodelling

Stop doing take-offs. Let us build your bid model and automatically extract precise quantities.

Tailored Reporting

With a bid model, it becomes possible to instantly export branded quanity reports which are fully compatible with your in-house tools.


Choose A307 Digital to be your design-build partner to reduce duplication of work and realise measurable cost savings.


Reduce project complexity by allowing A307 Digital to realise and visualise your project in real-time.


A307 Digital will provide high-quality readable, standards based shop assembly drawings and field erection diagrams.

Perfect Lines

Skill and tradition is our focus. We go the extra distance to deliver informationally complete drawings.

Document Control as a Service

Let us build and maintain your project files for quick reference and traceability.


Your strength is engaging project stakeholders and tracking completions. Let us handle the revisions, bulletins, addendums and RFIs so you don’t have to.

“A307 Digital combines high-tech construction with traditional design techniques”“A307 Digital combines high-tech construction with traditional design techniques”

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“A307 Digital combines high-tech construction with traditional design techniques”


“They (A307 Digital) have been delivering our complex projects on time and on budget for several years now.”


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Buildings are built by large teams, working together. A307 Digital works collaboratively with many strategic partners known for their quality and professionalism throughout the industry.

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We integrate with your established processes. We build Automated Processes To elevate your operations.

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